Package phonebill.phonelog

Class Summary
PhoneBill This class is a standalone program capable of generating a phone bill based on the given command line parameters and (eventually) a configuration file.
PhoneCall This class stores a complete phone call divided into a number of intervals.
PhoneCallInterval This class stores a single time interval in a specific phone call.
PhoneCallList This class stores a list of phone calls and a complete list of the users involved in those phone calls.
PhoneLogParser This class parses the relevant phone log files.
PhoneLogParser.ID This inner class defines some static mnemonic constants for LogLine actions.
PhonePrice This class defines a price list for a specific provider based on a list of price rules.
PhonePriceRule This class defines a single rule for phone call pricing.
PhoneUser This class stores details for a single user, including the total cost related to this user.